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Spam (AKA unsolicited commercial e-mail or UCE) is ubiquitous, annoying, wasteful. Spammers' tools becoming more sophisticated:
  • New users who have never sent an e-mail are receiving spam
  • Open relays mercilessly exploited (attractive nuisances?)
  • Many OSes unprotected against e-mail address discovery tools
Many users are "sitting ducks" for malware (Worms, "Trojan worms") that propagates via e-mail
  • ILOVEYOU took down British Parliament's mail server
  • Hybris and Sircam plague users and administrators alike
  • Windows client "monoculture" increases virulence
  • Insecure MUAs/browsers make infection easy
  • "Friends and Family" Trojan horses exploit existing relationships
  • Invasion of privacy/security breaches via active content
  • Antivirus vendors "play catch-up..." on purpose?